About Us

We Participate Center for Civil Society Development is a Jordanian non-governmental and non-profit organization established in 2014 by the efforts of a group of Jordanian youth and civil activists in Zarqa governorate. We Participate Center aims to promote social engagement and civil participation in decision-making process to consolidate democracy and human rights in Jordan by building people’s capacity and ensuring sustainable community cohesion through empowering social security issues such as freedom, equality, justice and better participation. The center also aims to entrench gender concepts and practices to become part of the societal culture in Jordan as we believe in the importance of a correct investment in the energy of youth and women, and in the role of youth and women is the basis for the process of change towards a democratic, cohesive, and effective society as youth and women are the main engine for the development of societies. Therefore, the center, through its continuous activities, targets both youth and women, and ensures that they have a realistic role in drawing up the center’s strategies and plans by holding discussion sessions with the two groups to discuss societal challenges and develop plans and perceptions of the best ways to solve these challenges from the point of view of youth and women. We Participate center has built a wide network of civil society organizations through the formation of “Musharaka” Coalition, which consists of 34 organizations from different governorates and regions of Jordan, including rural, remote, badia (desert) and refugee camps, to ensure effective implementation and comprehensive participation of local communities in the different geographical distributions and economic classes in Jordan.